Coke, Porn…and 9/11? Sheen gets TRULY ballsy.

The original story was linked and seen by millions on Conservative mouthpiece The Drudge Report yesterday evening.

It was pulled soon afterwards. (I use that term, in relation to the WTC, with great irony)

Yes, yes…I know – Sheen’s a washed-up ‘thespian’ blessed by nepotism – with more relevance to journalistic hooks of adultery, drug use, and Heidi Fleiss than Neocon aspirations and Oil Wars – but this is symbolic of something.

A celebrity – someone with public appeal, for whatever reason it’s been ‘bestowed’ – has spoken out in an informed and educated manner on what many believe to be the greatest sham and propaganda atrocity of the last century. And when the same Republican spin-factory that breaks the culturally polarizing Lewinsky scandal posts the story, it gives it a frightening level of legitimacy. That it was immediately propagated by thousands of alternative news outlets causes even deeper waves to ripple across festering pool of public opinion. But the fact that the mainstream press has refused to comment in any way – even after repeated inquiries from a hardened media watchdog like Alex Jones – reveals just how powerful the machinery of spin, and the vaccuum of truth, is becoming.

Like this very comprehensive article trumpets – in New York Magazine, no less – this is our generation’s Kennedy Assassination.

But unlike past generations…are we going to do anything about it?

(UPDATE – A CNN Showbiz report does a piece on this Thursday night, and a few mags are starting to follow suit from reader pressure. Stay tuned….)

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