apocalypse when?

Doesn’t this look like fun?

(posted by tobias)
OK boys and girls, today’s Storytime Reading is about The Apocalypse. Now I know you’ve all heard about it, and maybe have some questions, and we at Broken Saints are here to help.

The photo at right is from a lovely page on Rotten which I found kinda fun. But the real reason I’m posting is to draw attention once again to the fantastic Maureen Farrell, who puts things in a very chilling current perspective for us as usual.

What can we do about all of this? Probably nothing, but at least we have the Daily Kos to put our helpless shame into searingly eloquent words for us… but (and this is the shameless plug part of the post, you knew it was coming) if you find yourself getting bored just hanging around waiting, the least I can do is suggest a suitable soundtrack

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