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Get that kid a haircut!!!

If you click on the pic to the right, it’ll take you to a mid-res scan of a Vancouver Sun business feature I did about ten days ago – squint hard and you can maybe get a wafting of official poop-scent regarding the surprising bedfellow who’s helping to take Saints worldwide. Bitches!

Careful, though…my expression in that snap could be exposing a long-hidden desire to feast on the bones of wayward children. Then again, it could be worse.

Any gamers still reading? (I wouldn’t dare overestimate your attention spans without something hard and vibrating in your hands, pallies :P) Good…’cause this link will take you to an extremely meaty exclusive chat with UK Nintendo news site CUBED3. It’s long, challenging, moderately insightful…and you might need this to get through it.

Kinda like BS.

Pre-Easter chocolate smooches…and a special thanks to oldschool saint JESUSRAZ for the opportunity to spout off wildly on his gaming soapbox!


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