Bomb, Bomb, Bomb…IRAN!

Bush + Boardgame fun = one incredible protest spoof!!!

5 Responses to “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb…IRAN!”

  1. tobias says:

    Hey, I almost posted this a couple of weeks ago, since I thought it was a) timely, b) hilarious, and c) surprisingly well done and well sung. Love the cheeky credits too.

  2. Blue says:

    Ahahaha! xD

    I seriously hope I don’t get that song stuck in my head (though I know it’s going to happen).
    “I meant the game!”

  3. God says:

    Give us a link?

  4. Rexfelum says:

    . . . Annnnd because I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and because I know people will miss this one, I should point out that the Capitol Steps did “Bomb Iraq” years ago. I’m not saying anything about the quality of the above iteration (or the message), I’m just pointing out that the inspiration is far from new.


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