this is getting out of hand…

(posted by tobias)
I am, unbelievably, writing from 35,000 feet in the air. Not just writing, mind you, but posting a blog entry. We are travelling at 575 miles per hour, and are somewhere north of Turkey, if the electronic map in front of me is to be believed. South of Yalta. A friendly man just came through the cabin with free vouchers to try the onboard broadband wireless LAN for 30 minutes for free. We are definitely entering the twilight zone.

Stranger still is the fact that Lars, the bassist with whom I will be playing for the next 4 months, is sitting next to me and talking to his girlfriend on Skype. This is truly insane…

Anyway. I will try to post again soon, but for now I thought I’d say Hi, just because – again, unbelievably – I can. wiiiieeeeeerd….

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  1. optimistic says:

    it is insane to think of how far technology has come, even though the bubbled popped a few years ago, we’re still making such interesting strides forward. where does it end?

  2. tobias says:

    ask Screaming Lilith…

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