‘Best of’ Soundtrack???

Your fav’ tracks from all 4 discs!

Is this something that

folks might be keen on getting?

Come to Comicon!!!

8 Responses to “‘Best of’ Soundtrack???”

  1. God says:

    Track list, pleez? I bought 1,2, and 4 off iTunes, but they refuse to work on my iPod 🙁

  2. admin says:

    That makes no sense 🙁 Tobias – any clues???

  3. tobias says:

    Yes, indeed that makes no sense. To be honest iTunes has been quite a headache for me all around – the continued non-existence of volume 3 has been an ongoing issue for almost a year and apparently cannot be fixed, which makes about as much sense to me as a screen door on a submarine. I will likely have to pull them soon and see if I can get them re-submitted from a different angle. Watch this space…

    Probably there’s some sort of DRM issue going on, which again pisses me off as I generally hate everything to do with it. Not sure if i can fix those specific files for you but pm or email me and I’ll see what I can do for you. Tracklist would be as follows:

    1. Ascension
    2. Taliesin
    3. Gathering
    4. Zelem
    5. Come Into The Dark *
    6. Muraqiba
    7. Daxinkali
    8. Thar
    9. The Eighth Climate
    10. Kenoma
    11. Jaisalmer
    12. Lucid
    13. Concentric Spirals
    14. Revelation
    15. Belief
    16. Passage
    17. Truth
    18. Kumbhaka

    * (by contributing composer Quentin Grey)

  4. Jay says:

    Comicon only, or…?

  5. b says:




  6. Zeek says:

    Hey Toby, is it possible to get Conzentrix off of you? I bought it off iTunes and then forgot to back it up, and they don’t allow second downloads. Total bummer. It’s soured me to itunes in general. Even if I ever get a pod I’ll just use a winamp plugin to upload probably.

  7. tobias says:

    ConZenTrix is actually on the DVDs as an unlocked 128k mp3, on disc 3 in the DVD-ROM section – along with these other fine tracks:

    The Eighth Climate
    Founding Fathers
    Raimi’s Trip, part II

    as well as a six-minute excerpt from Nullius In Verba, piano improvisation from the Continuum-One album. Which is very nice by the way… 😉

    If better than 128k is important to you and you paid for it, send me email and I’ll try to work something out for you.

  8. Zeek says:

    Heavens no, above 128 don’t matter than me..thanks for the tip dude, I’ll be sneaking those onto my MP3 folder soon 😀

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