when your fishtank is this big…

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… you know you have a bit of a perspective problem…

Just a note that i have posted a fairly long blurb, for any who might be curious, about my first week here in Dubai, or rather at the hotel, since so far i have hardly left the premises. Many pics too. Here’s the link…

– tobias

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  1. Zephie says:

    Can’t leave a comment on your blog, so I’ll just post one here – GOOD GOD THAT IS HUGE. The building itself, that is. The aquarium too, but you know, that picture from the 18th floor… it actually gives me a little chill, since I’ve got this dandy fear of heights and all. Oyyy. And I thought the pyramid-style hotel (eh, I forgot the name) in Las Vegas was bad. o_O Which floor do you guys perform at, then?

    And sounds like you’re having fun! Hmm, if only one could find a way to drop by… 😉

  2. tobias says:

    We play in the Al Muntaha restaurant / Sky View bar – 27th floor (really 54th), which is a kind of square airplane wing thing sticking out like a cross-beam opposite the heli-pad. Actually they say that approaching from the gulf, the hotel looks a like a giant crucifix, which not surprisingly was a sore point for the reigning Sheikh (who has since died, I believe) but was quickly re-spun as a mark of the openness and religious tolerance of Dubai and the Emirates generally.
    All I know is that it took me a few days to stop thinking about there being nothing between the floor under my feet and the Arabian Gulf 200 metres below. We all thought it was quite entertaining the other night when a man asked to be seated on the terrace… he was quite sure there was one, despite the service staff’s unfamiliarity with it.

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