Comicon Swag Haiku!


Another reason

to come to San Diego

worn close to the heart!

(we’re lining up goodies and giveaways up the virtual wazoo EVERY day at the big show next month, along with special guests, some awesome announcements, the big Saturday panel, and a fan-only party! Keep ’em peeled on your inbox for newsletter details next week, or sign up HERE and HERE for a chance to snag the most exclusive of schtuff. Only 4 weeks remaining, gang…so rev it up, and help us make a splash in Southern Cali!)

13 Responses to “Comicon Swag Haiku!”

  1. Andrew S. says:

    I’ll be there with bells on…or at least evil eyes…

  2. Adequate Man says:

    I planned to go to comic-con a few months ago. But losing my job, getting a ticket, and just it being so expensive to fly there in the first place has stopped me. … crap, I wanted to really really go this year! Especially with all the events that will be happening at your booth.

  3. tobias says:

    Does that thing light up when you get a call on your mobile phone? That would be cute. I’ve seen jewellery that does that. I guess it’s a Bluetooth thing. In which case it probably cuts your battery life in half and half again, but some things are just worth it, you know?

  4. Matthew says:

    man, i reallyyyyy want to go, i want to go to the power of 95.8 but i cant AFFORD it. being 16 and without a job and all.

  5. b says:

    Buses, people…BUSES!!! (hey…we did 36hrs to Utah for Saints…I know what I’m talking about!)



  6. Adequate Man says:

    Don’t buses cost money too, and like Matthew I’m out of a job as well.

  7. JoshSpazJosh says:

    So. . .looks like I won’t be going to this one. . .


    I’m planning to get Eggplant to bring a large bag of my stuff with him [DVDs to sign, random stuff I want to give to people, etc.]. . .eh. I really wanted to go and am kind of extremely pissed.

  8. Susan (FA) says:

    Josh!! NO!!! GRRR….

  9. Zeek says:

    Buses cost as much if not more than planes B

  10. Nick says:

    Those are some crazy busses.

  11. Kim says:

    Yeah…Greyhound should be like $100 down to LA….but maybe I’m smoking old-man crack.


  12. Zeek says:

    $253. That’s some tastey old-man crack. Plus eating, conning, and somewhere to sleep, = more than zeek can make in time. Too bad. Credit card bills are pressing in.

  13. Cruel Hazel says:

    See, I wanted to go. Problem is, I’m stuck all the way over here on East Coast in DC with a salary that’s really very very tiny and a rent that’s really very very big. Considered trying to make the flight over as a present to myself, seeing the con DOES coincide with my birthday, but I don’t think finanaces or work schedule will allow.
    But you crazy kids have fun and have a cocktail or two for me.

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