I…love…AMAZON!!! (a discount Haiku)

Click here to snag
Nightwatch and the new BS DVD
for under 60 fucking bucks!!!

Dope pairs of movies

Promoted for STUPID-cheap

Happy piggyback


(this was brought to you by your friendly neighborhood sellout. Thank you. Thank you very much. Now move along…and stay peeled for the newsletter 😉 )

6 Responses to “I…love…AMAZON!!! (a discount Haiku)”

  1. Jay says:

    I just noticed that the Canadian/American DvD’s are indeed Region 1.
    Is this a desicion you had to make when going with FOX?
    It was nice to have them region free…

    The release for the UK is late august, but I’m unsure if it’ll have the comic.
    Otherwise, I’ll have to buy the Canadian one and play it on multiregion players, I guess…

  2. admin says:

    Fox made us do multiregion – just the lay of the land with major distribs 🙁

    That said, Britain will definitely be getting the comic – Virgin for sure will be carrying the bundle, as will a few other outlets.

    As if I’d forget you, man!


  3. optimistic says:

    but if I order from Amazon, I won’t get the comic.

    Decisions, decisions

    as well as counting money….damn you gas!

  4. Zeek says:

    Hmm, as much as I like saving money, I’m gonna have to hit up FutureShop again for my new copy of BS. The comic’s too tempting..

  5. Adequate Man says:

    Yeah, even though I have the original copy of the DVD I bought from online, I still have to get the NEW one. Even if it didn’t have all the new special features and new art and stuff, the box is just so cool!!! Oh, the comic will be in the U.S. right? There’s like one comic book shop I know in this area, and some more in Dallas probably.

  6. Jay says:

    Yeah, no suprise with the mulitregion.
    Great that us Brit’s will have the comic too.
    Does other outlets include Amazon UK?



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