Comicon Coma

Back on Canuckistan soil.

Recovering slowwwwwwwwwwwly.

A flood of pics (can you say tsunami without drawing understandable ire these days?) to come shortly.

I love my crew. I love BS fans. I love the incredible enthusiasm of Con’ attendees. Let’s face it – life’s a Love-a-thon.

Much to smoke over…and much to share.

For now, enjoy this treat. Just follow the blurb to some geeky audio goodness. (you might need to refresh a few times to see a familiar face)



11 Responses to “Comicon Coma”

  1. Cruel Hazel says:

    Welcome back, love. We missed you.
    Adn hooray for the Love-a-Thon!

  2. Guppy says:

    Brooke, it was an awesome opportunity to meet you and the gang!

  3. The Eggplant says:

    Comicon was so overwhelming and fun and whoa. Just tons of stuff, tons of fun.

  4. Andrew S. says:

    Comic-Con was absolutely awesome. I almost fainted from pleasure overload. After I got back home from the show, I slept for 14 hours. *Now* I have to get all my pictures organized. Thanks for a great time, Brooke!

  5. Emperor Xan says:

    Comic-Con was great. Loved hanging out with you guys and am looking forward to doing it again. 🙂

  6. The Eggplant says:

    Next year, I am cosplaying as Ian Kirby.

  7. Zeek says:

    Damn you Matt Chan, you stole my idea. I guess I’ll have to grow out disgusting hippy hair and cosplay Brookey instead.

  8. admin says:

    I’ll probably be bald by then LOL

  9. Elise says:

    HAY GUYS HOW WAs oh wait no more caps. I wish I coulda been there.

    I expect lots and lots of pictures.

  10. tobias says:

    Man, I do wish I could have teleported over for a bit. Sounds like quite the partay. I’m still stuck inside of Mobile with those Memphis Blues (again). Well, OK, Dubai. Same dif. Except it’s hotter here.

    Don’t you people know that I’m the one with the hippie hair? No respect, I tell you. Though I think Rex still has us all beat.

    … anyway, looking forward to pics and stories. Songs and stories and so much more! (did they have a Comicon Day on the Polka Dot Door?)

  11. Rexfelum says:

    Nyah on the hair.


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