WE…SEE…YOU…EVERYWHERE!!! (Fan art Haiku)

North American Saints on Shelves!!!

Thanks to Comicon

Many await tomorrow


11 Responses to “WE…SEE…YOU…EVERYWHERE!!! (Fan art Haiku)”

  1. CruelHazel says:

    Tonight in DC,
    All-Night BS Marathon!
    Ah, Saintly goodness.

  2. Darius says:

    After endless waits,
    The hour draws nigh for all,

  3. Guppy says:

    Chapter 14 updates,
    Today is the day to bear WITNESS,
    FHE DVD Launch, yay!

    Note: I am horrible at haikus 😛

  4. Zeek says:

    It was Chap Thirteen
    Oh crap now I must haiku
    To finish the message

  5. The Omnipotent Andrew says:

    They say the DVD ships,
    I eagerly wait. 😀

  6. Guppy says:

    Haha I made a booboo
    Another bad haiku from me
    Thanks Zeeky Poo!

  7. CruelHazel says:

    I, too, eagerly
    Await my DVD to come.
    Wet with excitement.

  8. Matt Chan says:

    I bought mine today
    at BestBuy but not Wal-Mart.
    Wal-Mart was cheaper.

  9. CruelHazel says:

    Boycotted Wal-Mart
    A long time ago because,
    Well, they’re huge bastards.

  10. tobias says:

    sad toby – no Saints
    on DVD in Dubai
    patience, a virtue…

    oh, and gups:

    first, five syllables
    second, seven syllables
    third, five again. K?


  11. CruelHazel says:

    Tobias, my friend,
    It’s the Saints that await YOU
    In Earth’s four corners.


    Haikus are rules;
    Rules must be broken sometimes,
    So we let it slide.


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