We’ve got an Anime Con ANGEL!!! (Haiku)

Swag as it’s meant to be seen 🙂

What a lucky bunch

We have friends in high places


(looks like our numero uno Sooperfan Fallen Angel will be hosting a 2HR BS panel in her stomping grounds of Northridge, CA @ Cal State University in less than TWO WEEKS! Details to follow in tomorrow’s mailer…plus news on this week’s ROMICS festival in Italy, saintly sightings from around the world, and early murmurings of the top-secret next project!!!)

5 Responses to “We’ve got an Anime Con ANGEL!!! (Haiku)”

  1. Matthew says:


    okay this is pretty close to spam..but i think it’s the nicest spam EVER.

  2. guppy says:

    Wooo Susan is going to SO rock!

  3. Chapulin says:

    Dude, Susan, if you are reading this give me info on your event at CSUN. I may be able to swing by. =)

  4. Susan (FA) says:

    Wow, didn’t think that picture would end up on the blog. I was SO tired!!! HAHAHA But, seriously, come on by, this should be interesting. I am not as charismatic a speaker as Brooke, but I will try to channel him as much as possible! WOO!

  5. keebrdklr says:

    I was at Fallen Angel’s panel and Mikomicon and it was GREAT! This is the first anime con at CSUN and my crew and I loved the fact of attending a new con. Fallen Angel was real cool and full of interesting stories of how she became an addict to Broken Saints. I am an addict now, too. Thanks to Fallen Angel and Brooke and all the rest for this cool series. I hope to see more of your work!.

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