SAINTS ON THE GO – Part Deux!!!


Since we launched the IPOD versions of the series last Xmas, more than a few of you wrote in mentioning the format similarities between Apple’s thingie and Sony’s thingie, but screamed the virtues of the PSP’s superior screen and WiFi tech. Sure, you suspected that a game might be in development, but was there anything you could download now to spread the saintly gospel with? Essentially, hungry Sony-heads had a single burning query; was there any chance to watch the latest version of BS on this gorgeous gear without having to wait for some overpriced multi-disc UMD set???

Ask and ye’ shall receive, dear friends.

New chapters are scheduled to go live on a weekly basis starting next month, and it sounds like they might pimp our shizz in some fairly high-profile ways. Combined with some recent trumpeting, it’s a nice bit of momentum heading into the Holidays…and another reason to go all gadget-happy in a loved one’s stocking!!! 😀

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  1. Zeek says:

    Good’s a pain in the arse to convert it all meself 🙂

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