New(s) Bytes…

Democrats win control of the House. Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dummer? Let’s hope these particular puppets have string-pullers with a shred of actual humanity.

‘There is a GOD’ Update: Rummy’s history!!!

The Tragically Hip just finished four nights in Vancouver, and have a rockin’ new album!

There are so many pending splits. What are we to do without the stability of our celebrity role models???

Are Chavez’s dreams (as well as some of ours) slowly becoming a reality…?

One of the many reasons we’re happy the ol’ Pledge Drive is a distant memory…

Andrew and I are going to be pointing and swinging Wiimotes like stink in a few weeks. Meanwhile, Ian shall finally shred his way back into the spotlight…and there will be much rejoicing.

Heath Ledger has been reading the Killing Joke. Well duh

A couple of us went within mere miles of Yankee country to enjoy the fine hospitality of Swiss Family Dobson. Kimmie V re-posted Comicon pics so you could enjoy his gorgeous mug and bite-sized offspring (along with some incriminating fright-night goofery).

Some micropenised wank spat the following at us late yesterday:

“You are further fueling my belief that there are too many artists out there, and not enough Mark David Chapmans. Seriously.. did your funding get cut, and all you had left to put on video were the fucking story boards? I really hope you never work again.”

I was alllllmost hurt (and a tad paranoid), until my Warning Alert Narcissism Generator kicked in with the whole Lennon parallel. Awesome!!!


3 Responses to “New(s) Bytes…”

  1. Broken Esper says:

    *spits water out*

    Ortega won?

  2. Manda says:

    heh heh… wang.

  3. BigJacT says:

    The Wii will rock you and me, in a week from tomorrow, but for now Final Fantasy XII is showing that even the ancient PS2 still has some fight left in it.

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