New Saintly Scribe: SOLSTICE EDITION!!!

(from the latest newsletter – I wanted to post this and spread the holiday thanks and cheer in case you missed it :D)

Dearest friends, cherished supporters, and saints around the world,

As the year slowly creeps to a close, we wanted to send you a heartfelt reminder of our appreciation. At the beginning of 2006 – after emerging from the depths of another round of production madness on the FOX release of the DVD – we weren’t sure if our efforts were really warranted…or even desired any longer.

Honestly, we were more than a little worried that this final iteration of the Broken Saints saga would fall on blind eyes, deaf ears, and closed hearts – that a collective sigh of disinterest would be heard in corners where there was once a passionate rallying cry for our work. God. it’s so nice to be wrong once in a while 🙂

By the end of October, over 30000 copies of the series had been sold between North America, the UK, Australia, Germany, and Italy. Since then, the BS DVD has received a new online push in Europe and the US, and pre-holiday launches in France, Italy, Scandinavia, Mexico, South America, Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan are making great word-of-mouth waves overseas. With any luck we’ll hit the 50K mark worldwide by January, which is considered a ‘gold record’ for an unknown cult thingie like BS…in other words, a genuine story of ‘success‘.

Every year since starting Broken Saints, it seems the Fates have conspired to remind us of our good fortune around year’s end. Every month, another ripple of goodwill washes over our shores to fill us with renewed purpose and fresh inspiration. Every week, more doors of opportunity get revealed to us – each with increasingly spiffy Welcome mats. And every day, almost without fail, more priceless inbox treasures are unearthed – incredibly thoughtful kudos and kindnesses that continue to lift our spirits, and give us hope for the future of this crazy rock that we’re all surfing through the lonely depths of space and time.

The first Broken Saints trailer and website tests were finished in December 2000.

It’s so good to know – to really, finally GET – that the past SIX years weren’t a waste of thought, or soul, or Being. Not on any level.

You have been more supportive than institutions designed to offer aid. More loyal than those who cry patriotism on every screen. Often more loving than the outstretched arms of friends and family. And, on our luckiest of days, you have personified patience – the patience, in fact, of the Saints themselves.

Because of you, we have become what we had always hoped to be.
Because of you, we know each day that we are blessed.
Because of you, something very special is happening.

Happiest of HOLYdays to all, from our quiet corner of the globe.

May lasting peace and the deepest joy fill your hearts in these times…and the challenging days to come.

Word is Bond

The BS Crew

6 Responses to “New Saintly Scribe: SOLSTICE EDITION!!!”

  1. tobias says:

    Well gosh darn and golly gee, but that was my full daily dose of warm and fuzzy all in one go! Let me just add, from my side of the Atlantic… it’s been a good ride, I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Thank you for choosing us!
    – t

  2. Rexfelum says:

    Yay! That’s such a wonderful thing to read.

    You really have done a lovely job. And I do wonder where you’re going next with your work . . .


  3. dumbwhiteguy says:

    ” And I do wonder where you’re going next with your work . . .”

    He’s in a coloboration with Fred Phelps to make the Nuke a gay Whale for christ movie.

    *ponders the pontentials of afformentioned movie*

    You know that just might make a good movie if you actually made it.

  4. Kevin says:

    I think we will all gladly do our part.

    BS has moved me in many ways, the very same happy holidays wish to you guys as well.

  5. Matthew says:

    watching BS was the turning point for me, when i could finaly understand the things i saw and realise i wasint alone, when i knew there was something more and needed many vails lifted, Broken Saints was my guide to who i am and who i will always be. i thank you for changing my life.

  6. Matthew says:

    sadly it hasint helped my spelling or grammar -_-

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