I received the following bulletin on MySpace after reading the official hanging report on Drudge…and it sums up most of my feelings on the matter:

Although there are many who are cheering and celebrating the death of Saddam, I alas am not among them. I do not defend the man or his actions for I was not there to witness for myself, and even then I would not want to be his personal judge and executioner either. There are many who exclaim that an eye for an eye is justice…but I say you are all blind.

There is a lot of good and bad in this world, and it all serves a purpose…most of you are too young to remember and some you are just blind to the truth that Saddam was once an ally of the US government, and when he had served his pupose (or the plan fell through) that he suddenly became the ‘enemy’.

No American citizen can claim any fault against Saddam…for he spilt no American’s blood on American soil – ever. And as for the truth-seekers, you know that neither Saddam nor Iraq had anything whatsoever to do with the events of 9/11/2001.


Saddam, his family, tens of thousands of innocent iraqis, and thousand of U.S. Military personnell have died on the sands and in the cities of Iraq for one cause alone…


Many, including hardcore rightwingers have come to accept the fact that you voted twice
for a man who never deserved to be president – and who stole the election twice to boot – and so whatever happens now is what you deserve to get…

But I will not cheer with the sheep because Saddam is dead – instead, I will pray for a better world and better times to come…I will pray for Saddam’s soul to be recieved by God almighty, and that he might be forgiven for whatever sins God deems him to be judged for in his deeds on earth.

To all the souls that have perished for the evil deeds of men held sway by greed and power, I say this:


And may we all receive forgiveness in the days and years to come.


  1. Matthew says:

    i want to call this unfair, but unfair doesint cut it.

  2. Kevin says:

    It’s easy to say the bastard got what he deserved, but his trial did seem a little a rushed to me. I’ve had skeptical feelings towards the whole “oil thieving” debate, but I think Bush did it for fame, Cheeney saw the green and black (and because of it we now all see terrible shades of yellow and red).

    Any one could hear it off CNN, or N.P.R. But, I heard a few interesting interviews over the BBC, one quoted ‘I don’t know what the humanitarian’s were saying about Saddam when he was executing people, but this is a milestone in Iraqi history’. Another person said that past regimes in Iraq had ended with the deaths of former prsidents for the past 70 years, it isn’t that new.

    I voted for Bush in my high school mock vote back in 2004, but for two reasons: 1. I was afraid for Iraq, and two (of which I later realized) I call it a mock vote for a reason. Bush seems to be more of a puppet, spreading lies and contradictary actions to every one, Cheeney and his friends pulling his strings.

    I wish the insurgents would stop killing people, but how many more corrupt police and Iraqi soldiers have to be passed through training these days. I can longer think of a solution to this quagmire, though I don’t fully support the ‘cut and run, baby eating’ strategy, a miracle would work nicely.

  3. Saggio says:

    I’m planning on coming into town sometime in the first week of the new year. I would like to get together for some lunch and discussions of geopolitics, if you’re interested. What say you, Brookie-poo?

  4. admin says:

    Possible – feeling a bit ‘hermitish’, but would like to see you too. Drop me a line…

  5. WishWell says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you.
    It’s a terrible thing to think of all the wrongs the human race has brought forth in this world for selfish intents.

    We all believe we are right in what we do, and yet people surprise us saying we are in the wrong. Then conflicts appear and we create an unmovable deity to state what IS right and what IS wrong, yet again bringing more wrong to others.

    Rights and wrongs.

    We also often forget that our own personnal freedom stops where others’s begin.

    Those are topics I can’t quite stop thinking about when I see killing of good or mean people. When I see killing, period, especially when its not for a matter of survival.

    That guy should not have been executed, but punished like all others, in prison, carrying out a sentence.

    These people should be reasonned with, not killed.
    Reminds me we are the ones who actually need reasonning.

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