Tubesday Coolness II – LYNCH’S LATEST!!!

The extended Inland Empire trailer – for more info on all the strangeness surrounding this exciting new project, go here!

3 Responses to “Tubesday Coolness II – LYNCH’S LATEST!!!”

  1. tobias says:

    I like this comment from ‘Steverino’, as a response to the Rolling Stone review online:

    “My initial reaction to this messed up movie is that it’s like a lucid dream of a whore’s memory of watching Mulholland Drive on acid.”

    Which is probably as good a synopsis as any other, of what Lynch is going for… the man is our time’s very own Dali, let’s face it – every bit as challenging, inspiring, difficult, infuriating, and necessary.

  2. Rexfelum says:

    If I might point out, Salvador Dali died in 1989 (and 11 days from now). Technically, for the vast majority of us, we already HAVE a “Dali for our own time.”

    But I’m just being annoying, yeah.


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