No-one knows what it’s like…

Behind Blue Eyes...

(posted by tobias)

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  1. Elise says:

    When I loaded up the page and that came up on my screen, I nearly pissed myself.

  2. chapulin says:

    unfortuneately…i do know what its like…i just had the privelege of leaving.

  3. tobias says:

    hey chapulin, I’m very glad to hear you’re safely out of the insanity zone… I hope you don’t have to go back. I hate to think of what you’ve seen.

    I had second thoughts about posting such a horrifying picture, for sensitivity reasons, but then I thought again: if we who are lucky enough to be far away and living our lives normally, hide from the reality of it… how can we ever expect to face it – or force those in power who seem so driven to escalate the horror and carnage, to face what they are really doing?

    Not that I think King George has any illusions, he just doesn’t care. And please, nobody ask me if I really believe that. I really do.

  4. Elise says:

    All of the above is true. There is so much ugliness concerning the people of Iraq and the soldiers, but we can’t forget that there is ugliness everywhere. Be it in South Africa, China, Canada or the United States.

    That why we should also celebrate the beauty of the human spirit as well as the smallest of miracles and joys everyday. It helps in the long run.

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