Weekend Fanboy Skinny

Some blurbs and bits from around the horn on projects (and people) that are deserving of your geekish attention…

1) Joss Whedon has officially been removed as writer/director of the Wonder Woman feature from Warner Bros. Siggghhh…at least the Buffy Season 8 comic is still rollin’.

2) Coolest possible casting rumor for Two-Face in Nolan’s Batman sequel!

3) Child predator tackles mondo-budget Pompeii!

4) The blasphemous Dark Crystal sequel thankfully goes POOF!

5) Andrew is jazzed over the new/last HP money-printing-machine. Dave Morris has the theory that Harry sacrifices himself to snuff the piece of Voldemort’s soul that lives within him, gets resurrected by…wait for it…the power of Love…and then loses his scar. Meh.

6) Canuckistan power-couple officially call it quits. Awwwww…not that this has anything to do with the price of tea, but I thought they were really cute :(.

7) This is flippin’ cool – played it ’til the wee hours last night. Perhaps something to consider in relation to a future saintly experience…?

(Oh! And Cryptic’s the featured video on SONY Connect 🙂 )

2 Responses to “Weekend Fanboy Skinny”

  1. dumbwhiteguy says:

    Wow the video doesn’t cost 600, awesomeness.

  2. I have Hotel Dusk, but I’ve been waiting to play it until I finished Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (novel-like games are starting to become a favorite of mine), which I just finished today. I look forward to checking in to the hotel.

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