Mush, huskies!!!

Flying the rain-soaked coop of Vangroovy for the frozen tundra of Winni(Winter)peg – gots to be givin’ a seminar on them there New Medias and stuff.

Very kind (and, frankly, a little crazy) of the fine folks at the CHRC to extend the invite. I’ll try to impart a nugget or two of wisdom before hypothermia sets in 😛

Oh…and a Happy belated VD to everyone – may you all receive countless heart-shaped overtures and affordable penicillin prescriptions!



2 Responses to “Mush, huskies!!!”

  1. Kim says:

    Layers, lots of layers…don’t freeze your ass off in Winterpeg.

    Lots of love!

  2. dumbwhiteguy says:

    Penicillin psssshh, they needed to use the same antibiotics they used to treat
    Anthrax to clear my stuff up.

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