Jesus Christ Superstar! (Haiku)

First Titanic…now this 😛

The fur is flying

The Messiah’s resting place

with wife and kids too???

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  1. PsiFire says:

    Some archaeologists are said to be doubtful that these are the remains of Jesus – because the ancient texts are “translated inconsistently”..

    In other translations (just like the English language – same words mean different things at different times: ie. gay) the name is not even Jesus – I can’t remember what name they said but it was said to be a VERY common name for the time.

    Oh, and the director of the documentary coming out (and James Cameron for that matter) are known to be atheists..

    Surely something who doesn’t believe in something would jump at the chance regardless of bad translations right??

    Don’t forget hoaxes like this are common – wasn’t it 4 years or so ago that they found the remains of Jesus’ brother in another location with Jesus close by??

  2. Filmmaker: “Look, James, I found this ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug inside the tomb of Jesus. This proves he had a kid!”

    James Cameron: “What? Oh, no, that’s the mug my kid gave me for Father’s Day. I must have set it down while taking a break.”

    Filmmaker: “Well, the audience won’t know that.”

    James Cameron: “I suppose you’re right. Lights!”

  3. The Umbrella Corporation seems to be pretty old, with their logo on that casket. Not only have we found his wife and kid, we’ve discovered how he rose from the dead…

  4. admin says:


    ‘Resident Evil – Messiah!’

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