Hear Ye, Hear Ye! (an announcement)

Proud Papa!

(posted by tobias)

We are overwhelmingly happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful little boy, Alexis Orion, who joined us yesterday at 3:55 pm. It was quite a day! We woke up early (for us), before 7, and looked out the window to see this sunrise, certainly one of the most amazing I have seen. While I was busy snapping pictures of it, Athanasia kind of said “hey… this is… umm…. different” and not long after we were on our way to meet our midwife at the Geburtshaus (‘birth house’). 8 hours later we were holding this little munchkin in our arms.

And I’m afriaid it’s true, every word: there is no other experience quite like this in the world

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  1. chapulin says:

    Reposting my Congrats man. =) Lost comments cant hinder the good vibes and blessings that we all send to you and your family. Much love friend, and may the Tiny Tinker grow to be as cool as his Pops. If not cooler. =) Having fun with the midnight feedings yet?

  2. Susan (FA) says:

    Many MANY congrats!!!! Your family is SO blessed! 🙂 Much love!!!

  3. Alejandra (CA) says:

    Late……. but, best wishes to you Tobias, your wife & your whole family. I am so happy for you. May you fall in love even more with your wife now & I know you loved the baby before he even got there…. congratulations. I wish you all the best. It’s going to be a beautiful & challenging journey. I’m sure it’ll inspire some beautiful work……. XO’s!!

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