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I didn’t understand it when my cousin phoned from Germany at 8 my time this morning. I still wasn’t clear as I read through a raft of mail with our hardcores freaking out about the site being ‘hacked’. This isn’t Hollywood, kids. Our server’s secure, dammit – Simon Kirby’s on the job, and is like a rock! So what were they talking about? But when I read the mails and started to glean that it was our PHP Forums that fell, the concern set in. That concern became outright shock upon actually opening the boards…and seeing thousands upon thousands of posts reduced to ash.

For now – PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THE FORUMS – the perpetrator clearly has admin access, and can snag your IP without much effort. We will keep you updated on restoration attempts or potential restructurings over the coming days. For now, please use the AVATAR CHAT or blog comment threads if you have to communicate en masse. And please…know how incredibly sorry we are if our negligence is at all responsible for the loss of so many beautiful expressions of thought and feeling. We’ll do whatever we can to make it right again…

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