Lost Comments :(

No…it’s not a thread about some castaways from a plane crash.

Not only are the damn spammers messing with our forums, but a recent wave of automated cyber-feces bunged up the blog. As a result, we ended up losing the majority of comments from the last few posts.

Normally I wouldn’t care so much…but the warmth you showed Tobias (regarding his personal – and biological – bit of creative genius) was sincerely treasured. 🙁

If you have a spare moment, and the inclination, feel free to repost (or expand upon) your thoughts below. With the guestbook officially dead, and the forums slowly drowning beneath wave after wave of digital dross, it’s up to all of us to make the blog the final front where we saints make a stand.

Losta Love and Appreciation…


5 Responses to “Lost Comments :(”

  1. Ashton says:

    Posted a thread in the forum regarding getting rid of forum spam ( http://brokensaints.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11780 ). Something’s going to have to be done soon about all this spam. It’s starting to take over the net.

  2. Alessandro says:

    The web is amazing, but equally deleterious one. Many persons use it for stupid scopes, in order to only bring annoyance, when instead it is one of the more powerful means that we have…
    Probably I would have to be the last one to speak, because I never do not insert comments in the blog, but I can say that even if you do not have no answer to yours post, at least a customer to you (myself :-P) read everything.

    I don’t care about comments or answer…for me, the important, the true scope, is try to leave a trace, a sign inside of the people, also only with two or three words.

    I only hope that, also without comments, you continue to insert your messagge, your ideas and your news, that i consider so interesting and stimulating…

    Good luck to all

    An italian saint….sorry for my bad english ^_^’

  3. Nabothi says:

    “Bollocks” is what I would consider an appropriate reply.

    *shakes fist at spam*

  4. Matthew says:


    the blog has been my personal choice of comment for so long 🙁 (i mean, i love the boards, but im quite dull in a sea of sharp tools over there).

    well, i guess all we can do is continue in the face of…well spamaholic assholes.

    im going to go watch broken saints with my friends (i finaly convinced them all to see it, MUHAHAHAHAHA).

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