I don’t know…

I don’t know what to say

Hurrah for the sentiment. Mock-horror for the expletives.


And to think…I’ve never heard him swear before.

5 Responses to “Stunned.”

  1. Alessandro says:


    Amazing, the best answer i’ve ever seen. Oh guys, is a genius.

    I want to see the face of the journalist after this answer 😀

    Buona vita a tutti

  2. tobias says:

    whoa. don’t hold back, man! tell us how you really feel!

    seriously, that just earned mr lynch another few notches of love and respect from this corner anyway… that’s pretty much a straight-shooting answer if I’ve ever heard one!

  3. admin says:

    don’t watch blog videos, T – POST blog videos…of Alexis!!! 😀

  4. Nabothi says:

    Ahahahahahahaa xD

    Oh man, that had me laughing out loud. Genius.

  5. guppy says:

    I think this made my daym thanks for sharing b.. holee cow

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