My night was a blur…

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • …but I was with 20000 happy people, so it made things tolerable. And who was responsible for our merriment? Well, if you have advanced military image enhancement software (or an event calendar for the city of Vancouver), then you can probably surmise the cut of this blurry Irishman’s jib. In the wake of the forum disaster, I almost forgot that Kim had snagged some last-minute tix in a previously walled-off section. Turns out the seats were FRONT ROW bleachers at the back of the stage, with the band putting on a smashing show for ALL vantage points.

    DOWNSIDE? Being in a weird ‘cone of anti-sound’, where speakers weren’t really designed to reach. Most of the lyrics ended up garbled, and we could occasionally make out some of the backstage techspeak happening in the pits below.

    UPSIDE? We knew every song before they’d strike the first chord, as the Bone-man used one of THESE for cue reminders – shit, even the lyrics scrolled by in powerpoint! Now don’t be haters…he IS pushing 50, after all. 😉

    In the end, I’m a thankful lad. Chocolate coated Christ and meaty Mother Mary…I’ve certainly had worse anti-depressants in my time…and at least they played my favourite tune before they hobbled into the night.

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