Friday Link-o-Rama!

With the spruce up on the bloggy-blog (notice the changes, especially the links to the right?), and the long-awaited implementation of spam-reducing measures both here and on the forums, it seemed like a good time to parade out some url treats for the saintly faithful:

– A fresh interview with Megacon pally James Curcio of Join My Cult was just posted over at counterculture haven Alterati. Interesting questions for a change – it’s much more fun to yap with folks who only moonlight as ‘journalists’.

– Helping with a couple of intriguing side-projects right now…very cool stuff which you’re sure to hear more about in the coming months. Here’s one of the fellows involved – the other we can’t link yet, ’cause he’s famous and might sue if we blow our load too soon. Seriously. 😛

– More than a few of us are addicted to the Facebook crack. Do a search and you’ll find Saints-a-poppin’ on the internets. Much more fun than MySpunk…even if it is a CIA info-harvest.

– Loving LOST again…the recent Locke ep gave me much emotional wood. And Whedon’s BUFFY Season 8 comic is getting richer every issue – it’s like watching your favorite weekly TV serial…but monthly…and with papercuts.

– Ian’s in England for a week visiting his Papa…we think. It’s not really linkable news…but we’re still not sure that he actually made it there. You see, he was one of the first to sign up for a deeply discounted flight on a wacky Scottish airline that nobody had ever heard of before. I’m betting that the inflight entertainment consists of broken bottles and chain-smoking soccer hooligans. Let’s just hope the pilots are sober enough to aim for the country with all crumbling castles and nasty public toilets…

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