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thought I’d post a couple of differing opinions this time on the issue of the day: compromise…

First, under the heading ‘Keith Olbermann tears THE ENTIRE US GOVERNMENT a new one…

… second, Jeffrey Feldman offers a completely different viewpoint.


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  1. Rexfelum says:

    My thoughts are that, unfortunately, the second source takes forever to say very little. How many times can it say “train wreck” (or synonyms)? How many times can it say that power must be restored? And more importantly, WHEN will it get around to saying HOW the current situation works TOWARDS that goal?

    Vaguely and briefly saying that sending bills to the president helps restore power doesn’t impress me very much. Whatever “restoration” there may actually be in such a process simply does not come across, and I feel like I’ve wasted my time reading it.

    . . . Hmm, and it sounds like the stuff I just wrote was written in anger. Actually, I’m just providing commentary/criticism.


  2. dumbwhiteguy says:

    Bush said that we will leave if the Iraqis ask us to. Well I’m not sure whether or not pipe bombs are their way of just saying hi but I think they’ve already made that point pretty clear.

  3. Josh says:

    No – the 2nd article reads far too much into something that is not truth, pushing bills to the presidents desk does *NOTHING* to restore the power if he continues to *tell* them exactly what he will and will not let go by via his power to Veto. See the president just corrupted the power to veto, he didn’t like something so he said “That will never fly, I will veto it every single time, so give me something I wont veto or you’re wasting my time.” That’s *NOT* democracy, as long as they’re not asking him to rape babies or something along those lines he should *NEVER* throw down an edict like that, that is *NOT* democracy in action.

    By letting that stand and giving the president what he wants they have only bolstered his ego and allowed him to drop edicts such as this in the future without opposition. This whole situation is unacceptable….we do *NOT* have 3 branches of government anymore….we simply have Bush and his administration and whatever the hell they want to do…..then everyone else whom has no say.

    That’s not democracy

  4. Tom says:

    Yay Keith…all too true and dead on as usual. And sad.

  5. Dennison says:

    How is it that this is titled “Point – Counterpoint”? It’s 2 different democratic views. It’s one democrat who’s pissed at Repubs and Dems, and one Dem who’s just pissed at Repubs. The only difference is that one of these dems is less pissed than the other at dems. Where’s a “Counterpoint”? I feel like I’m the only republican here.

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