The Best $3.50 Ever Spent…

(Just received the following mail – been getting another wave of similar sentiments lately, but this was definitely my personal favourite…piracy be damned 🙂 )

It’s 6:56 AM in the morning, and I just stepped down from my 18th floor apartment (with ocean view) into my office at the 7th floor; I just finished the last piece of BS. I’m in China, with little to do during my break time in the middle of the week, except watch DVD’s which I buy for less than a $1 a piece.

I bought the Broken Saints DVD collection for $3.50.

It’s effect…priceless.

I loved the dialogue and the characters. I could relate to all the characters. I am Palestinian, ex-Muslim (currently in denial), hugely influenced by Western thought and culture, software programmer, into anime, cinema, philosophy, and poetry, and and I love Mysticism and the Orient. So, I guess all of the characters, quotes, dialogue speak to me in their own way. Ok, I didn’t like the touchy feely bits performed by Miss Lomilagi (sic), but I guess there has to be a soft heart underneath all the dark hard shell.

Anyways, your work really spoke out loud. I appreciate that you’re honest about your influences and that you do not pretend to cough the material up from pure inspiration. Overall, it’s an outstanding job, and I WILL watch it again.

I don’t know what’s your current status. How are the three creators doing. I hope you are alive and well, and not caught in your own maelstrom of fame and fortune. A big thank you to all of you, and I hope that one day, with my own band of brothers in arms (we are the artistic types as well), I will be brave enough to do what you have done. Needless to say, I am spreading the word about BS, not only as a work of art, but as a process and a work ethic.


3 Responses to “The Best $3.50 Ever Spent…”

  1. tobias says:

    Yeah that’s a good one… so amazing that our little basement project has truly reached the far corners of the globe… makes ya think…

  2. guppy says:

    Thats awesome.

  3. Rexfelum says:

    You know, it’s really nice to keep reading these things. I haven’t had much opportunity to enjoy new art . . . basically anywhere these days. Good to hear people are still finding what moves them.


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