The Saints are Pumped! (Tues Haiku)

Hollywood Be Damned!!!

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Down on Venice Beach

Male bonding in full effect

Or maybe just beer…


7 Responses to “The Saints are Pumped! (Tues Haiku)”

  1. Nate says:

    Sweet! Actually, I’ll be down there in about… 2 1/2 weeks for vacation.

  2. Elise says:


  3. dumbwhiteguy says:

    what’s up with the gandpa sandals?

  4. Chapulin says:

    Are u in SoCal again???

  5. admin says:

    Those sandals are designed for salt water (boating, reefing, caving) and all-weather…oh, and for kicking your ass.



  6. dumbwhiteguy says:

    I’m sure those were made by someone that had a guys ass in mind. But I doubt he was thinking about kicking it.

  7. admin says:

    Nice burn! LOL

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