Global Meditation Countdown

Let’s all surf Web 10.0 together!!!

The Fire the Grid plan has been plunked in my field of awareness through countless connections – both close and coincidental – over the past several weeks.

Yes…there’s definitely a new-age-filling surrounded by fine flaky crust being served to some degree, but the intention is arighteous one. And I don’t plan on passing up the chance to work mojo with the rumoured millions of meditators firing their astral engines simultaneously worldwide.

An hour out of your day certainly can’t hurt, kidlets – even if it is at 4AM PST. Consider it penance for watching Transformers and keeping Michael Bay gainfully employed 😛

12 Responses to “Global Meditation Countdown”

  1. Saggio l'uno says:

    Commune with light beings?

    It’s people like that who make me feel all icky for having more than a passing interest in spirituality and religion.

  2. Kim says:

    Believe what you want to believe, you don’t have to believe anyone else’s experiences or truths…the point is to believe your own truth. The woman in the story believed her own truth and saw her son come back from the dead because of that belief. However she experienced it was unique to her, but it certainly doesn’t diminish the outcome of the situation.

    Positive intention affects change, that is not such a far-fetched new-age theory. We’re hardly asking you to convert to some religious way of living, merely sharing your heart and your compassion with a world that is in desperate need of it.

  3. Susan (FA) says:

    I have said it once, I will say it again. It was f’in AWESOME. Even though it was at 4:11am this morning. It was a cool feeling.

  4. Ashton says:

    Amen to that, Kim.

  5. Chapulin says:

    Wow I should have read this earlier. This type of collective prayer/meditation is something Ive thought about in the past…the what ifs and outcomes of such a focused moment of connectedness and positive intent. Id like to hear more about this experience from Susan and other that participated.

    And if it happens again, let me know!

  6. Saggio l'uno says:

    The personal religious and spirituals beliefs that I hold are rather important to me, and serve to help fulfill me and drive me to question. I do not think they are trivial in the least, nor do I think any particular mystical or spiritual experience I have had is trivial either. That being said, I am deeply skeptical of claims of metaphysical wonderment experienced by anyone. Any kind of pedestrian understanding of the divine or the natural order is something that I have the utmost disdain for; the trivialized nature of the modern understanding of the spiritual realm is such that I cannot look upon any claim to truth or metaphysical insight without a deeply critical look – the plethora of absolute trash that pervades the mindspace of the modern person requires nothing less.

    While this collective prayer or mediation for world peace, harmony, and understanding does have it’s merits, and, one could indeed argue, is a necessary step for achieving such things, it seems to me to be essentially a feel-good exercise for the people involved, so that they may declare, self-righteously, that they are doing something – without actually affecting the world they are trying to save in a real, tangible way. You write that this action is a great show of compassion and true caring for the world and those who are not fortunate enough to be in the rich overclass…but I have not seen, nor heard anything about the result of this little love-in – has its participants into model compassionate human beings?

    I do not doubt the power that a sense of community brings, nor the power of feeling apart of something larger than oneself. But I think it is a rather large stretch to declare that collectively praying is going to save the world, rather than actually taking direct, political action. Thoughts and wishes can only get you so far.

  7. admin says:

    Babe in the woods, Sag’…babe in the bloody woods.

    Who’s to say that this world is any more ‘real’ or ‘direct’ than the realms of prayer and energetic manifestation?

    You’re sounding more and more like a Flat Earther 😛

  8. Saggio l'uno says:

    Flat Earther?! First upper-middle class, now this? I’m hurt, Brooke.

    I am not discounting the power of prayer or the necessity of meditation, especially when it comes to establishing a oneness within oneself, or attempting to understanding the divine. However, when those prayers or meditations take on a delusional bent which attribute impossible actions to a pedestrian god who apparently has as much intellectual or spiritual depth as Pat Robertson, there is definite cause for concern. The very act that is so necessary to grow as a complete human being is thus defaced in such a way as to both lessen the impact of the original act, as well as trivialize the whole notion of an never-ending quest for unity and true understanding. This discrediting and trivialization of the twin acts of prayer and meditation by those who seek the betty crocker version of god and the universe is something that is great cause for concern. The insidiousness of this spiritual farce is both chilling and worthy of a healthy rebuke.

    Unfortunately, it has pervaded, as I said in my previous post, the spiritual mind-space of our entire culture, polluting it. Many – most – are unable to distinguish between the claims of personal intercession into the financial and social realities of an individual human being by a vastly limited and dumbed-down god, and actual pathways to a truer understanding of self and the world in which we live. That is not to say that I am claiming that some religions are false, or that some (or one) spiritual path is the ‘correct’ or ‘best’ one – no, I am not claiming anything of the sort. Rather, the unfortunate trash that passes as spirituality and religion in the world today is not worthy of serious consideration, and, is, indeed, much more deserving of a critical rebuke than anything.

    As to your comment about knowing ‘real’ or ‘direct’ realms or the nature therein…It all comes down to the point of prayer and meditation – what is the point, if not to better understand both the self (the ego) and the universe in which we exist (one could say the divine in this instance, but it is unnecessarily limiting and gives one the impression that ‘universe’ and ‘divine’ are interchangeable; they are not, rather, while ‘divine’ requires ‘universe’ in understanding, ‘universe’ is something that exists as both a product of, as well as an integral part of what can be called the ‘divine’)? Ways and means may (and certainly do) vary between individuals and groups; I am not here to disparage one method or mean over another. The point is thus: while prayer and meditation are used to gain a better understanding of various things, everything that one attempts to analyze or better understand is based in this reality, this real, direct existence. The realm of ‘prayer and energetic manifestation’ is only useful insofar as it relates to the “real” world. Without that basis, the acts of prayer and meditation become a meaningless act of self-righteous metaphysical reinforcement.

    I hope that makes some sense.

  9. dumbwhiteguy says:

    I love sag, he always gives me reasons to not pay attention in any of my Arts and Humanities classes.

  10. Saggio l'uno says:

    I’m in such a good today- after my trip into town and an excellent conversation with the B man himself – I’m not even going to respond to your flame.

  11. admin says:

    Good to see you too, Sag’…rock those Ivory Towers!


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