Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy…

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  • When Matt over at IGN first hinted that he might link us because of the Revolution speculation, I admittedly got jazzed about the possibilities of thousands of ‘converts’ washing up on our saintly shores. But after a little reserved deliberation, the apprehension set in; how welcoming would it be for folks if we just whipped out our wares and waved their shiny tumescence around with loud smacking sounds and much bravado? Nahhh…gamers are a particularly jaded bunch, so that’d just be asking for a backlash. Better to be low-key, ease them into the BS universe, post the speculation (gyroscope talk still to come!), and hopefully let the site/series speak for itself. Yet, as you can see – from all the brainless blather and the racist, sexist, and downright HOSTILE spam – that approach didn’t work so well, did it? :(

    So, without further adieu, I’m going to risk losing the interest of a fair chunk of you by putting our pimp into full effect. You see, we launched this blog a few weeks ago after the lingering feeling that we had lost the ‘spirit’ of Broken Saints by promoting our kickass DVD set on the front page for months. Since our humble beginnings back in Jan 2001, BS had been about using our ad and revenue-free flash comic and ‘online oasis’ to inspire reflection and thoughtful debate on technology, religion, current politics, and the direction of humanity for the next century. We were always about societal ranting, cultural critiques, random haikus, and creepy storytelling of the anime/comic variety. It just so happened that after a slew of mainstream press and umpteen industry awards, the Canadian government approached us to RE-MAKE the original Flash (which took 3 years to craft) in 9 MONTHS. They gave us a modest six-figure budget to make it happen (with next to NONE of that going in our pockets beyond living expenses, BTW!). But most importantly, we had free reign in the time allotted to shoot for the moon, blow our collective wads, and make the ultimate version of Broken Saints for everyone to savor and share.

    And we did.

    Click the link and scope the Quicktime trailer for the project, featuring all-new art and effects, and the voices of David Kaye (Beast Wars – Megatron, X-Men Evolution – Professor X) and Emmy Award Winner Janyse Jaud. Apologies in advance that we can’t showcase our award-winning dynamic 5.1 Surround online, but trust us when we say that it will SLAY all systems if you’re wired for it. :D

    Next, scroll down that page to check out EIGHT wicked DVD Samples, feature listings, screenshots, and cast photos (including the X-Files Smoking Man WILLIAM B DAVIS as our very own Benjamin Palmer, and animation superstar MICHAEL DOBSON starring as Muslim mercenary ORAN). Or, you could just click the ZED TV link to the right on this page for the first 3 chapters FREE – allow us to recommend Chapter 3 for your viewing pleasure…it’s fight-tastic!

    Scroll down ever further on the DVD portal – past the list of disc features and treats – and you’ll see a space to sign up for our infamous Saintly Scribe – the monthly BS newsletter, packed with prose, press, politics, and pomp and circumstance from our quiet corner of the globe. This is the BEST way to keep in touch with what we’re up to (yes…INCLUDING dev news on the potential videogame :P), and we promise not to bore or spam. Mortal sins, both.

    From there, if you’re still keen, start exploring the deep nooks and tasty crannies (mmmmm….crannnnnnies) of the rest of the portal, especially the CLASSIC SITE! Just click the Evil Eye up top and to the right, and you’ll have access to our original Flash series (please forgive our limited skills at the time…our kung fu has greatly improved), as well as FAQs, quotes, interviews, and heaps of hidden goodies.

    Again gang, I feel sincere twinges of guilt trying to covet your favor and support this way – but Broken Saints was always about spreading the gospel of the series as far and as wide as possible. Sure – we’re still developing assets for a game, a graphic novel, and even a TV series – but we will always be rooted HERE. Full circle. As it should be.

    So, that said, welcome to our home. Take off your shoes. Sit for a spell. We’re just going to turn the lights down low, lock the doors, brew some tea, and tell you a little story. It’s about four strangers who receive a terrifying vision of the end of the world. A vision that’s somehow tied to a global satellite network, a military implant project, and the fate of humankind. A vision that will bring these four into the eye of God’s storm. What must they lose in order save us all? What will they give…to know the Truth?

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