Hey peeps,

Just wanted to let u know that Amazon has less than 80 copies of the deluxe FOX Broken Saints DVD set left – a mix of new and used, and they’ve dropped the price to less than $29 for the 4-disc set!!!

Quickest way there is to scroll down the links bar on the right and click the Amazon direct tab – goes straight to our listing – Huzzah!

Grab one for yourself…a friend…or a like-minded saint-in-training. The straight skinny is that once they’re gone, they’re gone – no reprints planned over at the Evil Empire – so snap ’em up while you can. (and don’t be shy to leave a kind review if you’re so inclined 😉 )

Much love, and keep your eyes peeled here for some long-awaited news on upcoming projects and saintly advancements…

Peace, respect, and word is bond!

The BS Crew

(UPDATE: You’ve helped to put us in the top 25 in Sci-Fi/Animation! Don’t stop now, baby…the TOP 10 is in sight!!!)

8 Responses to “BS AMAZON BLOWOUT!!!”

  1. Nabothi says:

    Ordered. 🙂

  2. zeek says:

    o.o I need to hurry up and get a job so I can scoop up the special edition. I only have the original..and the FOX one has footage I filmed from the art institute panel 😛

  3. Rexfelum says:

    Wait . . . who posted this message?


  4. admin says:

    Me 🙂

  5. Nick says:

    Man, you sell out to the Evil Empire and they don’t even do a reprint?


  6. admin says:

    Yeah…I guess over 80K copies worldwide was way under expectations – we won’t even see a cent of royalties according to their ‘fine bookkeeping’ until they hit 120K!!! 🙁

  7. Nabothi says:

    Whoo, the package arrived! It looks absolutely gorgeous! Really sweet packaging guys, I’m impressed. Guess now it’s time to watch the entire series again. 🙂

  8. tobias says:

    “The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away”
    – Tom Waits, ‘Step Right Up’

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