If only there were more politicians like this…

Wonder if old Rupert has called up the FOX/SKY hit-squad yet…

27 Responses to “If only there were more politicians like this…”

  1. zeek says:

    Fuck yah, that guy’s got balls. I like balls. He really got the NewsCorp bitch worked up.

  2. Saggio l'uno says:

    Man, this is OLD. But Galloway still remains fucking awesome.

  3. Susan (FA) says:

    Freddie and I love you for posting that, Brooke. 🙂

  4. admin says:

    And I love you and Freddie for loving me!

    And jeez…are you cranky today Sag’ or what? 😛

  5. Gareth says:

    This dude has got the balls to kick ass!! He was also in Big Brother UK!

  6. tobias says:

    … if Alexis weren’t asleep on my chest I would have been cheering out loud. Worth watching all the way through to the end where he pretty much calls her a racist straight up, her and the entire Fox/Sky news corporation. Great stuff as always, what I love is that he refuses to accept the discussion on the level it is offered, and simply calls bullshit everywhere he sees it, which of course is almost everywhere.

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