Jetlag Blues (Haiku)

A Hundred Clouded Pathways

Went so far away

to return, shaken and stirred

Drinking it all down

8 Responses to “Jetlag Blues (Haiku)”

  1. Rexfelum says:

    Woo. Woo? Woo!

    So, now that you’re back, are you gonna tell us the long and sordid tale of how you got roped into animating tri-chrome slaughter-related movie promotions?


  2. admin says:

    When Slick Willy – the #1 box office draw on the planet currently – asks for something, he tends to get it.

    It certainly wasn’t for the money 😛

  3. admin says:

    BTW, the next one goes live around the 14th…and it’s kickassssssssssssss.

  4. Rexfelum says:

    Wait. He asked for you, specifically? The man knows Broken Saints?

    Or is it . . . no, it’s a different studio, so it doesn’t make sense for you folks to get tagged by association. Maybe I’m reading too much into what you wrote.


  5. niall martin says:

    Hey, I’m not remotely a slick willy fan but this elegiac promo is almost perfect. The different focuses, the angles of descent on the murdered medics and the catholic madonna tears of blood. this is not a gorefest! this is art. Seldom has something so terrible looked more beautiful. This aint no sellout, art has it’s own rules.

  6. admin says:

    His wife and her production manager knew of BS – and Jada wanted to do a new kind of promo for her hubby’s flick (since their shared production company is co-producing the film with WB). So they got in touch ‘somewhat personally’ 😉

  7. Saggio l'uno says:

    Tsk, tsk, Brooke. Name dropping already?

    What the people really want to know is – were there rainbows, and were they just as good as pictured?

  8. Danny Rea says:

    I have to agree with my Sensei, some posts above. I’m lovin’ every second of it, the strength, drama and just damn good animation has me dying for more!
    Hopin’ you enjoyed the drinks…be they shaken, stirred or carbonated! 😀

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