The Shock Doctrine

Press play above to view The Shock Doctrine: A film by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein, directed by Jonás Cuarón.

When I finished The Shock Doctrine, I sent it to Alfonso Cuarón because I adore his films and felt that the future he created for Children of Men was very close to the present I was seeing in disaster zones. I was hoping he would send me a quote for the book jacket and instead he pulled together this amazing team of artists – including Jonás Cuarón who directed and edited – to make The Shock Doctrine short film. It was one of those blessed projects where everything felt fated.” – Naomi Klein

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  1. Danny Rea says:

    Wow, that was the first time I’d heard of Naomi Klein or Alfonso Cuarón, but from what I’ve seen here, the methods they examine really do fit as ways of administrations getting their way with minimum resistance. Pretty chilling stuff, and it does seem to bear some relation to the whole grand scheme of Lear in Broken Saints. Very moving work.

  2. Saggio says:

    Naomi Klein wrote No Logo, among other things. Cool promo for her new book.

  3. EyesUnclouded says:

    Very Scary. Yet not at all surprising.

  4. Rexfelum says:

    Interesting. In a sense, this isn’t anything new: “National tragedy? Let’s sway public opinion!” People have been talking about this since certain famous terrorist attacks in America, for example. However, the video kind of crystallized things a little more for me, and added more tidbits around the edges. So it definitely has that going for it.

    Still, the “shock” text section went by TOO QUICKLY. I recognize that it was supposed to be “shocking,” but if I couldn’t read the messages on the screen without pausing on each frame then nothing in the presentation could work. I’d now be interested in what the book has to say about those words, yes, but I don’t know what the general audience would think.

    And, just in case it requires mentioning: speaking as somebody who actually knows some of psychology’s history, the use of ELECTROshock in modern day has nothing to do with the video.


  5. neelo says:

    Hi guys,

    why is our world tuning to shit? Lived on and off in the States, met so many great people, Bush stole the election. Anyone else out there with young children horrified by the downward slump of events? Your enemy, know him; Mr. 100% deregulated socalled free market. How can that solve anything…..sorry momentary escape of quasi marxist tendencies…give me shock therapy then I’ll become a pliant church going fascist.

  6. admin says:

    LMAO – nice one, Neelo

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