If you didn’t hear it on the forums, here’s the poop:

Written by Mark Protosevich, the I AM LEGEND screenwriter…

Produced and animated by Ian and Caleb at Ian’s company SEQUENCE…

Music and SFX by BS DVD audio master Adam Fulton…

Directed by Brookie B…

And voiced by ORAN (Michael Dobson), BRAVADO (Ryan Crocker), and more!!!

Hope you dig it…’cause one more’s on the way, written by Orson Scott Card…with tunes by Tobias…directed by Ian…and art by none other than Andrew West!!!

10 Responses to “LEGENDARY…”

  1. neelo says:

    Absolutely f”king brilliant!!!!!!

  2. neelo says:

    Hey, I’m just about over the shock. What articulation, smooth movement, and fades. Anybody got a name of a good illustration programme for the pc? The bar has been raised!!!

  3. Matthew says:


  4. Rexfelum says:


    Um . . .

    I already commented in the forum?


  5. neelo says:

    Hey it’s tobias’ big night. Viel Erfolg beim Konzert Junge!! Can any of you young ‘uns direct me to the forums???

  6. zeek says:

    I find I am legend prejudiced against Vampires!

    Seriously badass short, B + team

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