A Very YouTube Xmas…?

Hey gang,

I made a post about this in the forums a few days ago – was wondering if anybody from the quiet corners would like to help out with a wee holiday project…

You see, now that things have died down a little on the DVD front – and the IAL shorts offered a chance to spread our wings a bit – we’ve had a hankering to return to our oldschool word-spreading roots.

The plan?

Post the entire DVD version of the series on YouTube.

We already have 11 parts up there, which have been seen by oodles of new folks. That is most certainly a good thing. But the key obstacle to continuing is TIME – not just in creating lower-res rips of the chapters to upload…but in breaking the longer acts into scenes that slip in under the 10min upload limit, and that hopefully make sense for saintly narrative flow 😉

So we’re wondering…would any of you fine folks be willing to pool chronal resources and clever noggins to help spread the BS gospel one more time?

Clink on through the forum link if you are…and we’ll do our best to rightly reward all involved in such an altruistic endeavour 😀

Word is Bond!!!


3 Responses to “A Very YouTube Xmas…?”

  1. neelo says:

    Would love to oblige but don’t have the technical know how, the spirit is willing but the technological capabillity is severely limited. Can y’all advise?

  2. hexAdecimal says:

    I would totally love to help spred the BS gospel. I only have a small computer but I do know how to edit videos. I also do fan vids on youtube. give me a shout if you have a job for me….even if it’s passing out flyers posting your web address….which I’ve contemplated doing.

  3. admin says:

    Hey man – that’d be groovy! Most importantly, we’re trying to get all the chapters up on YouTube in segments that fit their ‘less than 10min’ rule – but I just don’t have the time to pick all the break points and post them…so if you want to help, feel free to give her a go!

    Just scope out which chapters/acts/parts are already available on the ‘Tube, and start throwing up the rest – that’d do more for the BS gospel than any flyering could ever do…though the spirit and sentiment are infinitely appreciated 🙂

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