More Free BS on the ‘Tube!!!

Here’s the first part of Chapter 7: LUCID, with lots more from the FOX version of the DVD going live every day. Extra special thanks to Ashton and Leesee for continuing to help spread the Saintly gospel – a wonderful Christmas prezzie, to be sure 😀

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6 Responses to “More Free BS on the ‘Tube!!!”

  1. Ddraig says:

    I am brand-spankin new to this. Despite that lil fact, I grabbed the DVD yesterday and have been blown away since. These YouTube versions are neat, and give me material to show others what the hell I am raving about. Nevertheless, the combination of seeing the FLASH & DVD versions all add to the entire aspect as a comparative. As an artist, I am in awe at the sheer volume of work that went into BS. You guys rock. Thanks a ton for this sort of inspiration and vision.

    Regards and Happy Holidays~

  2. Elise says:

    Merry Christmas!

  3. chapulin says:

    Nice, my favorite chapter! Feliz Navidad my friend, y prospero ano con mucha suerte!

  4. neelo says:

    another saintly convert, all ayone has to do is watch…and the spell is cast, will any of us ever forget the 1st sledge hammer blow to the senses when we first discovered BS? Happy yule tide holidaying saintly brethren!

  5. tobias says:

    awww, shucks! We’re blushing…

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