The Dungeon Master is Dead… (Haiku)

Gary Gygax – RIP

To quote the geek hordes

The D&D King rolled ’20’

but still not enough


8 Responses to “The Dungeon Master is Dead… (Haiku)”

  1. tobias says:

    I’ll shed a tear for the man even though he was partially responsible for my having wasted half my childhood… which brooke knows as well as anyone…

  2. Rexfelum says:

    Now there’s a fellow to lose. It’s interesting to imagine how much creativity he’d seen.

    Also, I had never actually known how he looked before.


  3. admin says:

    You’re the one that hooked me, T…you of the mad DM skillz!

  4. tobias says:

    ok, guilty as charged, but truth be told my DM concept was but a poor imitation and pale shadow of my brother Tim’s. He never paid much attention to modules, instead taking the basic D&D idea and building his own elaborate Tolkein-inspired world with its own mythology, peoples, monsters etc. And then he went and squandered all that imagination and talent, becoming what? A lowly marine biologist. All he gets to do is travel to isolated arctic islands and Russian archipelagos to study sea otters. Ha. Chump.

    Wait a minute…

  5. zeek says:

    I would definitely have a very different life without Gary’s contributions to the world. Gaming this weekend will be bittersweet.

    In unrelated news, I thought I’d link this for Bii, promo shots from the watchmen blog!

    Everyone but Doc M up there..some are a bit (or a lot) different but generally they’re looking pretty slick.

  6. admin says:

    Yeah…a little tooooo slick. IE: where’s Night Owl’s paunch, dammit?

  7. neelo says:

    hey guys, have you heard stephen lynchs hysterical D&D song? Check it out, its sheer poetry!

  8. zeek says:

    The more I look at Nite Owl, the more it looks like he might actually have the paunch, but is ashamed and trying to hide it with the fancy outfit..which is a nice touch if they were going to redo the design anyway.

    Ozymandias bothers me but the original look might have looked even worse on a real person. The others I am cool with – especially the sleazy look of The Comedian.

    I’ll stop derailing this thread now, because I loves some Gary.

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