a charming little ditty…

  • is it actually possible to keep track of all this?

(posted by tobias)

Brooke suggested that I post this a while back, so here it is… a screen capture from the project file for my music for that new project that we’re being ‘mysterious bastards’ about…
If you look closely you’ll see this one is of an orchestral bent. And it’s likely the most complex thing I’ve ever put together. Those looking for clues will find that there aren’t any, really… but just to whet the appetite…

10 Responses to “a charming little ditty…”

  1. Nabothi says:

    Bastards. Not enough glockenspiel. 😛

  2. admin says:

    oh just you wait. Glockophiles will not be disappointed…

  3. Nabothi says:

    Hah, actually, I’m more of a cello fanatic. But those seemed to be represented quite well already. 🙂

    All those colored bars sure look promising though. 😉

  4. admin says:

    Not just the glockophiles…AUDIOphiles of all stripes are in for a serious treat!

  5. obell says:

    What program is this?

    As for the mysterious project. Is it in the vein of BS? Like, same medium or a different one? Come on guys, spill some beans. It’s been an eternity.

  6. admin says:

    there are a couple of cool things burbling up…from all angles, actually! Keep your eyes and mice on this space 😉

  7. tobias says:

    the program is Sonar, a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) suite along the lines of Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools and so on… but better 😉 (well I think so anyway)

  8. Saggio l'uno says:

    Needs more cowbell.

  9. tobias says:

    indeed it does, saggio, indeed it does.

    There’s actually a free plugin available from de la Mancha called Dynamite Cowbell that does exactly that. There’s even a Less More slider. Maybe I should plop it in there?

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