The next Python…?

That’s what some folks seem to think of NY sketch-comedy troupe Human Giant

Jury’s still out for me – but I will say that I’ve been gobbling up their Season 1 DVD and ‘Tube vids like Skittle-eatin’ motherfuckah…

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  1. neelo says:

    Hey saintly brethren,

    took a group of high school kids an a trip to clare island, small island off west coast of Ireland population of 145 hardy souls. Walked along the atlantic coast with spectacular views of the 12 pins mountain range in galway, europes oldest mountains(they have many good and bad memories). Were hoping to visit grave of irish pirate chieftan Grainne Mháile(think Shandala with cutlasses and muskets). However keys to ancient abbey where she is enterred where in the pocket of the caretaker who was gathering his sheep on the nearby mountain. Wandered around the adjoining graveyard, spotted small canadian flag on small grave, homeland of the saintly endeavor, whats this about? It was the entire crew of an R.C.A.F. sunderland flying boat which had crashed there during W.W.2. They were all far to young to have ended their days in this most beautiful of lonely resting places. It really hit me though, thought I’d mention it. Normally I hate that fake hero shit but the flying boats didn’t operate the allied mass burning of civillians policy. Kurt Vonegut’s Slaughter House Five anyone?????

  2. zeek says:

    Lil 9/11 can’t be worse than what I’ve seen of Dr Boll’s Postal!

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