Seeing Red…

(posted by tobias)

Hey folks, tobias here. Posting on Brooke’s behalf as he’s gone all French on us and is holed up in Paris eating baguettes and escargots. At least I hope so.

So it falls upon me to unveil that which we have been oh-so-mysteriously hinting at for weeks – well, part of it anyway. We hereby proudly present our latest animated extravaganza: Hellboy II – The Golden Army… the animated prologue. (it’s linked, along with a new live action trailer, from the Apple Trailers front page)

This one is mainly Brooke, Adam and myself, along with Michael Dobson (voice of Oran) in the lead role and some new faces in the animation department. So, check it out, let us know what you think… and stay tuned, there’s more in the pipeline… -t

And here`s the Youtubery for good measure! xoxobb

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  1. Derek Welle says:

    It’s good to see that this style of animation is much improved since the very first Broken Saints chapter. I somewhat miss the talk bubbles, but honestly you guys are the best at this! I saw that X-Men 10 minute animated comic book thing and it was poorly made. Not enough animation, mediocre art, and the voice acting was terrible. Can’t wait to see more stuff by the Broken Saints team!

  2. Echarin says:

    Hmm… it needs text. Speech boxes. Feels empty without them, kind of jarring having voice but no text. Kind of expect their lips to move.

    But it’s still brilliant work as always. Can’t wait to see the team’s next “big” project (if there is one (this is where you reply, leaving crypting hints that there just might be something coming)).

  3. crackerfats says:

    Accidentally stumbled across this at apple trailers a few seconds ago. I was watching the credits and saw mention of Brooke and Tobias, I was like “No effin’ way, are you shitting me?” That’s so cool. You guys rock.

  4. admin says:

    They wouldn’t let us use bubbles, sadly…I fought for ’em…HARD…but the studios (and even GDT himself) have minds of their own.

    Oh well…just so happy that it’s finally out. We essentially finished it in 5 weeks on a crunch deadline, and had to wait another month before it saw the light of day!!!

    Spread the good word, kidlets…


  5. zeek says:

    As a I said on the FBook, absolutely awesome. I love me some Guillermo Del Toro, some Mike Mignola, and some BS crew, so this intersection is basically a gigantic boner for me. Nice work

  6. tobias says:

    [cryptic hint that there just might be something coming]

  7. guppy says:

    Duude I really need to see this.

  8. sheem says:

    Great job guys. Love it.

    You’re starting a new Hollywood trend here.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Dark Otaku says:

    I also agree that it needs text. But other than that… FUCK YEAH! That’s what I want to see! (Aside from some hint at 7th shore)

  10. neelo says:

    a triumph guys!!!

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