At Earth´s End… (Haiku)

Walking for a month

to find some things long hidden

and Awaken them

4 Responses to “At Earth´s End… (Haiku)”

  1. Rexfelum says:

    “End” . . .

    So you’re done, now? (Or will be shortly?) A month solid of walking? How does it feel?


  2. Bee says:

    Between 25 and 56K a day in 30-45deg C heat…

    Fucking amazing. Can´t wait to do it again.


  3. neelo says:

    Hey guys, what y’all been up to? Trapped in the arid landscape of mediocre media hell. We crave sustenance! Comprendez n’est pas?

  4. Siosi says:

    Nice haiku but how come some of the menu links don’t work? Has this site’s maintenance crew lost hope? Lol… by the way, I’m revisiting this site because I happened to re-watch Broken Saints featurettes today!

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