Back on familiar soil…

Hey kidlets and cats…

Feet firmly on Canadian territory. Still processing the nearly 1000KM on foot from southern France and across northern Spain. Another story for another time.

Got back just in time to attend AE and tap the generous wallets of attendees to raise a nice chunk for charity. Not the worst way to engage with the ‘real world’ again, to be sure 😉

Getting ready to send out the quarterly BS mailer with some juicy updates and status reports on your friendly neighbourhood saints – keep your eyes inbox-aimed mid-Sept!

Oh yeah.

That shot below is neat, isn’t it?


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  1. Rexfelum says:

    Yes, that is an interesting . . . picture? I presume it’s not a photo, unless you found some seriously cool warped glass through which to take it.

    But you’re back intact, which is good. And you can get your hands on all the poutine you want.


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