BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough said.

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  1. michael says:

    I have never been more proud to be a black man. even though he is only half black I still have so much pride. Its good to know our brpthers in CA are happy too.

  2. Matthew says:

    I can truly say i am overjoyed to have lived to see this day come.

  3. tobias says:


    interesting times ahead!

    encouraging vibe of optimism and sanity and something vaguely resembling a real democratic process and spirit… for a change… however, this is mixed with something more than sour grapes from the ‘other side’ – from what I can see despite a refreshing jolt of hope America remains a deeply wounded and divided place at this point and I think real healing will take a lot of time.

  4. zeek says:

    Red – the blood of angry men!
    Black – the dark of ages past!
    Red – a world about to dawn!
    Black – the night that ends at last!

  5. dumbwhiteguy says:

    Did anyone else notice that McCain played the end theme to crimson tide at the end of his concession speech?

    Hidden meaning?

  6. me says:

    so what now we have higher taxes and lib seem to like it oh yes it’s just on us making more than the 250k….200k….120k…….yup you get it 42k to support the new medical insurance that still dosen’t work other than in Michael Moore productions. Lets cheer barney Frank who wants to now cut the defence budget by 25% already just to start we will be weak and ready for someone to do just as joe biden said attack us. yes lets just instead approve gay marrage and teach our kids that religion is bad and adam and steve is great. teach our kids to flip a coin and see what they want as a partner do you really think all these people were just closet gays waiting to come out or is it just we gave them a choice to be gay????take god out of the classroom but protect the kiddie porn on the internet. Thank god I’m old as we desirve what is to come so grab your anckles and kiss your ass goodby. I only feel bad for my grandkids that we left them a country of cowards and queers to protect them. Russia already moving in to poland and budding up to chaves as well as castro their at our door but we can just turn the other cheek…..can we or is it really can you yes it was you that did this. History will tell or will there be a history other the the Quran……weak ass libs will destroy Us
    Just A Guy

  7. Rexfelum says:

    . . . ?

    Was that a troll?

    Uh, “me,” if you want to make a point, feel free to do so. We have a forum on the site for longer conversations about whatever you want. As it is, you really didn’t say anything.


  8. neelo says:

    Weak ass liberals??? Go kiss my atheist commie butt!!!

  9. neelo says:

    Murphy, Fitzgerald, Brady, o’ Hara…there’s noone as irish as Barack Obama! A world rejoices!!

  10. tobias says:

    guess what ‘me’? YOU GUYS LOST. Suck it up. The options were pretty clearly on the table, black and white as it were, and the people voted. The results as far as I can tell were pretty clear too. People are more afraid of more of the same than your guys (and gals!) could make them be of the black man with the oh-so-terrifying middle name… no matter how hard you all tried. So it’s a bit late for scare tactics now, don’t you think? The future may still be uncertain and there are still troubled times ahead, we all know it, but this is the guy that America chose. Deal with it.

    Also. YOU DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT HE’S GOING TO DO YET. You actually have no idea, no more than the rest of us! You are evidently getting your information from right-wing shock jocks who are telling you what they want you to believe (not even what they think, probably), to keep you angry and afraid and stupid, which is how they want us. Apparently in your case it’s working; incredibly, after 8 years the spell seems to have worn off of a majority of the rest of the country. Hallelujah.

    For the record, it seems to have never had much of an effect on folks around these parts (this left-wing Canadian outpost of reality) so you’re unlikely to find a lot of resonance here; might be more productive to take your vitriol elsewhere.

    Of course, none of the rest of us know what an Obama administration will do yet either, but we know one thing: IT CANNOT POSSIBLY BE WORSE. And so by definition it will be: BETTER.

  11. Guppy says:

    Oh, tobes always says it better.

  12. neelo says:

    Yes Tobias, but you should really come off the fence and tell us what you REALLY think! Wow..a neo con incursion, who’d have thunk it?

  13. Matthew says:

    Bravo T.

  14. tobias says:

    hmmm… actually after I posted my little rant up there – as good as it felt at the time – I began to wonder if it isn’t a shining example of exactly what people on ‘our side’ SHOULDN’T be saying and doing at this juncture: thumbing our noses and saying We won you lost nya nya nya nyaa nya… I mean, the troll post was definitely hateful garbage, and I think that what I wrote is generally true, but I don’t think it necessarily helps and maybe just perpetuates the animosity.

    I mean, I guess nobody should be surprised that the people that were hopping up and down calling Obama a terrorist / pal of terrorists / secret Muslim / socialist / Marxist / appeaser / baby killer / god knows what else, are still going to be freaking out for a while. I imagine many of them will never stop, at least until their team’s turn at the wheel comes around again (shudder). Their worldview, warped as it may seem to many of us, is apparently pretty locked-in, at least as much so as ours… Plus, things are doubtless going to continue going off the rails for the foreseeable future, and no doubt everyone will continue to blame everyone else… something humans are almost universally good at.

    I am not American, and I confess the hatred and venom that both sides seem to have for each other freaks me out a bit – never more so than when I get caught up in it, as above. Fear and Loathing… I personally find it very hard not to be sarcastic and derisive when confronted with ignorance or bigotry or deliberate distortions, but I think that rising above that basic instinct might be a good first step towards solving some of the drastic problems we are facing.

    As much as I am happy to see what appears to be at the very least a thoughtful and curious adult person about to assume the American presidency, with all that that entails, and after all that we’ve been through… I am not so naive as to think that he’s personally going to fix everything and make it all better, preferably by sometime next week.

    But I will say this: he seems to have the rising above pettiness thing down, and that’s a start. Maybe we need to start following that example, anyway.

  15. neelo says:

    Yes we can!!

  16. Cat Moves says:

    For Tobias:
    “…the troll post…”? You seem to be pretty good at using unproven slurs to make your slanted points.
    “I am not American….” But we just love it when an alien tells us how to live, what to do and when to fart. Thank you.
    Your message does not pertain to the thinking of many Americans, but from your vantage point of having nothing you own in this country at stake, it must seem we are the miscreant children of the British Empire.
    Ah, well.
    End of my tirade. I think I am just sick and tired of all the other country’s people of this world begging America pull their asses out of the fire. And then having the nerve (balls, to you) to criticize our country and what WE choose to do here.
    In short, F**k Off.

  17. tobias says:

    errrr… whoa. Finger on the pulse there – my post is now a month and 1 week old. Anyway.

    ‘the troll post’ I referred to is as far as I can see basically the dictionary definition of one, so I don’t know quite how to respond to that. No, I can’t ‘prove’ it (what would constitue proof of that?), but I called it what it seems like to me. In fact I wasn’t the one who first made the call, I was merely echoing the opinion of my fellow long-standing forum and community member. And OF COURSE my points are ‘slanted’… what do you think political debate consists of? Are you laboring under the delusion that your own opinions are objective reality? EVERYONE’S PERSPECTIVE IS SUBJECTIVE!

    Not sure where you got the bit about me telling you how to live or what to do. I stated my opinion on the subject in question, which is as far as I understand it not only within my rights (even though I’m not an American!) but in fact kind of the point of these things. The standard objection that non-Americans have no business expressing opinions on your politics is problematized by the profound effects those politics have on the rest of the world. We are compelled to watch and comment on them because they affect us, but we have no control over them. Trust me, it’s probably a great deal more frustrating for us than our having opinions is for you. And as for us ‘begging you to pull our asses out of the fire’… ummm, not exactly. With the fabulous job you’ve been doing on burning your own house down for the past 8 years (well really a good deal longer than that), let alone the collateral damage to the planet at large, we’re genuinely not interested in your help, thanks very much.

    I’m sure you’re right that my ‘message’ (I didn’t know I had a message!) would be anathema to many Americans… but in fact at this stage, with Mr. Obama poised to take office with a 75% approval rating, it would seem that it DOES in fact ‘pertain to’ the majority. For now.

    ‘Miscreant children of the British Empire’? What on god’s green earth are you talking about? Perhaps you’re on some sort of hallucinogen? Pretending to be smarter or more articulate than you actually are is rarely a good strategy. Either that or you’re too much of a genius for my blood, either way you lost me with that one.

    You are of course at liberty to disagree with me on all these points, as apparently you do, and also at liberty to say so, as you have; but telling people you disagree with to F**k off is a pretty weak and childish form of discourse. That said, right back atcha! 😉

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