For some unknown reason…

…the season makes me go all musical-ish 🙂

And I will never stop loving Les Mis’!

Any other Colm Wilkinson fans out there…anywhere?

4 Responses to “For some unknown reason…”

  1. Musicals – if done right – fill me with boundless energy. I have not yet witnessed this musical in it’s entirety, but now I’m going to have to.

  2. neelo says:

    Colm Wilkinson is..Jean Viljean(have I spelt that correctly????). Saw him do the Les Mis thing in dubllin in 1999. The show was abandoned half way through because of a terrorist bomb threat, after 35 mins in the carpark back we went in and Colm made us forget about the World for a couple of hours, “Bring him home” made everyone cry. That’s what great artists can do, project all the shit you have in your life through a prism to reveal all the beautiful colours therein…kinda like you guys!!! Let’s have nomore of that “career revectoring” shit.

  3. Ravin_13 says:

    Saw him play Toronto a few years ago, good guy

  4. zeek says:

    Love Colm as Valjean, I have the whole 10th anniverseary concert soundtrack and it is PHENOMENAL

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