Happy Impending New Year!!!

(UPDATE – I removed this video because it made the site hitch…and I just hate Snyder’s voice ahahahah)

May 2009 bring us all health, happiness…and a worthy Watchmen at last (unless Zach Snyder’s idiocy or FOX’s lawyers have their way :P)

9 Responses to “Happy Impending New Year!!!”

  1. neelo says:

    bountiful blessings to the faithful in this new year of 2009. Just think..no more Bush…

  2. truthbeautychaos says:

    Cannot wait for this movie to hit theaters, but I am slightly saddened by this post grammar.

    I really expected more from the great minds of BS.

    “there way”? 🙁 Come on guys.

    Probably an honest mistake, but yeah.

    Have a wicked crispy day/year, guys. ^_^

  3. admin says:

    That’s what I get for posting with more than a modicum of Holiday Cheer coursing through these elderly veins – thanks for calling me on it!!!

  4. tobias says:

    And in the end… they did it… Theeeeeeeere Waaay!

    jest dew it yore whey man

    (nice use of modicum by the way)

  5. neelo says:

    Hey, just viewed the Viet cong being zapped by superheroes, when will we get a Commie Superhero to waste indiscriminately all those neo liberal capitalist scumfucks who have to TOTALLY FUCKED the world? He could be called The Red Star, no fundamentalist christian fascist is safe from his mighty hammer……and sickle! Making the world safe for the collective hegemony of the Working/Agrarian Classes! Sorry guys..feeling hard left tendencies getting a grip there! Anyone for the swedish economic model?

  6. admin says:

    I’m for ‘Swedish models’, at the very least 😉

  7. dark says:

    Obama goes in office the day I leave to visit Canada 0_0

    Also, I don’t see how the movie could be fucked up. Every single shot we’ve seen so far has been straight out of the comic.

  8. admin says:

    Fuck-up potential:

    – the actors (Billy Crudup aside) are mediocre.

    – Even worse, Zach can’t direct actors. (see the one-note performances of Dawn of the Dead, 300, and his countless lame commercials)

    – It’s a 3hr version of what some of the world’s greatest directors said should be a 10hr story.

    – he’s changed the fucking ending to completely change the message of the piece.

  9. neelo says:

    Oh man!!!! I’m getting a bad feeling……..

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