Radiohead + USC Marching Band = Grammy Spectacular!!!

I was dancing in my goddamn living room…howling along with Thom like a madman…and smiling at Paltrow’s wink to her hubby in the front row. (Sorry Mr Martin, but even your wife knows the truth!)


6 Responses to “Radiohead + USC Marching Band = Grammy Spectacular!!!”

  1. dumbwhiteguy says:

    Dude, you actually watched the grammys?

    Between that and how time you’ve spent talking to teenage boys over the internet the evidence is really starting to pile up.

  2. admin says:


    Haven’t you heard, though? I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body! I talk to teen boys to keep the facade alive and well 😛

  3. Broken Esper says:

    *mentally runs away when the Jonas brothers appear*

    I was very dissapointed by how the brief the rememberance reel for those who passed away during the year (especially for Richard Wright and Issac Hayes).

  4. dark says:

    the video’s gone T_T

  5. Broken Esper says:

    “the video’s gone T_T”

    Maybe it was RIAA? They are turning into the NFL when it comes to video clips.

  6. Drew Kelley says:

    i love this song!! it is so awsome!!

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