Wednesday is New Comic Day!!!

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • I’m not one for doing – or even having – a ‘regular’. But I’m kinda digging the whole ritual vibe of the blog. Mondays we catch you up from the weekend, usually with some hot BS press goodness. Tuesday is Haiku day. Thursday’s been a linkish and political sorta day so far, hasn’t it? Friday’s for fans. And the weekend leaves room for ranting and slacking of the highest magnitude 🙂

    But we’ve been so slammed lately with summer jobs and store launches and E3 buzzy buzz and groundwork on the next project (heheheheh) that WEDNESDAY somehow slipped through the mid-week crack. Yet it was today – when spies confirmed that BS DVDs had been spotted in comic book shops across the US – that the Thunder Gods struck. Every Day of Odin (that’s a double smooch to you Norse-lovers out there) in North America greets geeks like us with freshly folded fingerables at the local reading nook, so I’m going to do my best to either review a book a week, or sling some comic or even fantasy news your way. Sound kosher?

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